Dance Temple

Dance Temple is different kind of opportunity for us to dance together in community.  We start in a circle with a simple, guided circle dance to set the space and bring us to a deeper place of connection.  From there, we move into free-form movement (ie. no steps to learn; simply let the music be your guide and let your body move how it likes).  There will be a variety of music to give us a chance to express the different aspects of ourselves.

This is a space for us to dance our prayers, our heartache, our joy, anger, whatever we are feeling in the moment; a space where we can let our unique rhythms flow forth naturally.  I will hold space for our dance, and also, we each hold space for each other simply by showing up as we are in the moment.

After a concluding circle dance, we’ll finish our movement practice with a lovely Savasana (or restorative yoga pose of your choice) to rest and integrate the movement practice.

All women are welcome — no dance experience is needed.  Please contact me at for more information.

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