Circle Dance

Circle dances are simple dances usually done holding hands in a circle along with music.   The dances are easy to learn and accessible. No dance experience is needed.  I will guide you through the dances, and the emphasis of each dance is always enjoyment, celebration and being in community with one another rather than getting the steps “right”.  I have found that there is a simple joy, magic and playfulness when people hold hands in a circle and do simple dances together.  I compose most of the dances myself, and some of the dances I have learned from circle dance trainings.

In each circle dance, there will typically be a variety of dances and music styles — some lively and joyful, others slow and meditative. You are welcome to come on your own as no partner is needed.

While we are often all doing the same steps in a given circle dance, the invitation is always there for us to make the dance our own and there is space for us to have our own unique expression.  At times, our rhythms naturally sync up into one flowing rhythm, and sometimes our rhythms harmonize together.

If you are new to circle dance, the attached article about a Hamilton, Ontario circle dance group may help to give you a sense of what circle dance is about:

Some of my circle dance offerings are for women only and some are community circle dances, open to women, men and young people. I generally suggest that you attend at least one circle dance on your own before bringing along a young person, so that you know what to expect and whether the dance will be suitable for the young person in your life.  It’s not so much about whether the young person gets the steps right as whether they will be engaged in the dance and keep the circle moving.

Please feel free to contact me at if you are interested in attending or would like more information.


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